College Students and Social Media

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If you’re seeking fresh and creative new approaches Marketing 2 Millennials – or the ‘Y Generation.’ I’m setting you up with 5 simple suggestions to utilize social media, and inspire your target audience to take action, and do business with you. We all know digital marketing, especially social media marketing is important, right?

Harnessing the power of social media can be very powerful strengthening your brand perception, but it can also damage your business if it is utilized in an impetuous fashion. Millennials are a very motivated group, and will be happy to take action, and spend money with you – if they are spoken to genuinely and can relate to your business.

Let’s jump into it!

1) Face to Face Research and Development

Many organizations discredit the ‘old fashion’ way of acquiring data for their target audience. Sometimes the absolute best ideas, are the simplest – but do require diligent sweat equity. Get out of your comfort zone, and emerge yourself in your customers culture! Conducting simple polls and questionnaires face to face with your customers is essential. You will create more excitement around your business model, and will have a unique first hand perspective of what inspires your audience. It will allow you to make better decisions faster and intuitively which will strengthen your brand, and will increase sales – all because you took the time to connect with your customers. Listening > Speaking.

2) 90% Creative Marketing … 10% Selling

When was the last time somebody attempted to hard sell you, or tried to push their product on you in an over assertive fashion? It happens quite a lot, and our society is becoming numb to it – especially the millennial generation. They represent a huge industry, and the entire world is constantly ‘pitching’ them to buy their products and services. Millennials understand when a company is trying to just sell them, and when they are trying to create a brand around them. That’s where you want to be… Creating your circle of products around them, in a creative way, always striving to add value to their lives. They’re super intelligent, when they discover your value is greater than the asking price – they will take action.

They will literally ‘unfollow’ you if you are always talking about yourself, or trying to sell them 100% of the time.


3) Design and WOW Factor

With so much competition in the marketplace, it is absolutely essential to stand out and be different. Millennials respond well to posts that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, engaging and unique. It’s important not to deliver an inferior product to your customer, that is light on design. If it looks good, chances are they will want to share it with their friends. They make decisions based upon what their friends tell them – because they trust them. For the most part, Marketing 2 Millennials is referral based, and you can blow up your business if you win the confidence and trust of your customers. Always deliver amazing design, and WOW your audience with unique value.


4) Create A Calendar of Custom Postings

The goal is to always be in front of your customers, and get them excited to take action. A great way to achieve that goal, is to post on all the major social media platforms; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube. Post as consistently and creatively as possible. The true value is determined by how much great content you can provide, and the results converting them into a loyal customer, while participating in the benefits your company offers. Staying organized, and planning ahead on your social media curriculum will help you maintain the focus that is needed to bring your business to the


5) Build Long-Term Relationships

While building an online social media army, It’s essential to think about the big picture, and develop long-term relationships and interaction with your followers. Asking open-ended questions allows for you to understand your customers thought process and will ultimately win loyalty and trust. Don’t forget to express gratitude, and respond to your customers answers and opinions. Social media is a two way street that requires much effort from both parties.

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